Fair pricing.  No surprises.

Legal help is expensive. You know it, and we know it. Our mission is to solve that problem by making financial justice accessible. To reach that goal, we've worked hard with our affiliate attorneys to develop a pricing model that is fair and accessible.
  • Your attorney will charge 12% of the amount of your student loan debt that is discharged.
  • Beginning when you sign with your attorney, you will make payments of $299/month. These payments go towards the 12% attorney fee.
  • Your payments are fully backed by Lexria's Fresh Start Guarantee. If your attorney doesn't reduce or eliminate your student loan debt, Lexria will refund 100% of your payments. That means you only owe money if your attorney gets you student loan debt relief.
  • You will never make any payments to Lexria. We are paid by your attorney for our services.
We believe that your attorney's incentives should be aligned with yours. That's why we only work with attorneys who are willing to follow our pricing model. By linking your payments to your student loan discharge, Lexria ensures that your attorney is motivated to get you the maximum amount of relief possible.
Since everything is easier with an example in mind, consider the following: if $50,000 of your student loan debt is wiped out, you'll owe your attorney $6,000.  That's an 88% savings! Even better, this fee is payable over time at a rate of just $299/month. And there's never any interest or hidden fees to inflate this amount.

Finally, you may be wondering how you'll afford an extra $299 per month while your lawyer is working to get you relief. After you review and sign the representation agreement, your lawyer will advise you on how to handle your student loan payments, so that you can manage your finances while your case is pending.

Litigation Attorney

Monthly payment

Total cost

Payable over time

Financial counseling

Fresh Start Guarantee

Bankruptcy Attorney

Reset Button Affiliates

$3,000 +
$5,000 +
$10,000 +
$20,000 +
12% of debt eliminated
Bankruptcy Attorney Litigation Attorney Reset Button
Upfront Payment $5,000+ $10,000+ $300
Total Price $10,000 - $15,000 $40,000+ 10% of Debt Eliminated - Minimum $10,000
Success Guarantee Never Never Always
Payable over time Never Never Yes

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