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Bankruptcy Intake, Redefined.

Bankruptcy client intake forms should be as easy as filing your taxes. Lexria provides an intake platform for lawyers that leverages modern design and integrations to provide the best bankruptcy intake experience, while eliminating the time your office spends on intake.

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Increase your volume

The bankruptcy intake process often overwhelms clients — leading them to delay filing or even causing them to drop out of the bankruptcy process entirely. We can help your firm minimize the dropout rate and, in turn, increase the number of clients you assist.

Lexria applies design principles from modern tax filing software to the bankruptcy intake experience. We make a process that is traditionally difficult and time-consuming, quick and simple for users. By integrating with a large number of third party financial and data aggregators, we make it easy and intuitive for clients to collect all the necessary information to file bankruptcy.

Trust your data

Most bankruptcy attorneys rely on credit reports as part of their intake process. Unfortunately, credit bureau data is often outdated and incorrect. This exposes your practice and your clients to risk.

Lexria solves this problem by integrating with data partners to provide ground-truth data. We provide tools that allow a customer to pull their banking records, employment information, paystubs, loan information, property titles, and more directly from the relevant institution, not a third party. This data is more accurate than what is reported to data aggregators or submitted by a customer; it is also realtime. This gives you the confidence that the information you present to the bankruptcy court accurately captures all of your client’s income, assets, and liabilities.

Save time and money

Bankruptcy intake is a lengthy process that costs firms a lot of time. Lexria gives you this time back. We handle the customer experience and support for intake and provide a complete data set that allows you to focus on what you and your practice do best — getting people a fresh start. To keep costs controlled, you only ever pay us for completed intake forms. That keeps our incentives aligned and ensures you receive the highest quality data from our team.

How it works

Our intake flow gives you total control over what clients are approved, what questions are asked, and how you receive data.

  1. Your client visits your firm’s unique link to Lexria and completes a short 10 minute assessment.
    Screenshot of Lexria's initial assessment
  2. Lexria uses evaluation criteria you've provided to determine if we should move forward and capture all of the client’s bankruptcy intake data.
    Screenshot of Lexria's welcome page for approved filers
  3. Clients who you approve complete Lexria's bankruptcy intake forms.
    Screenshot of Lexria's full bankruptcy assessment dashboard
  4. Lexria provides you with a complete set of documentation necessary to file for bankruptcy, all supporting documentation from our trusted data sources, and all custom questions requested by your practice.
    A portion of Lexria's PDF report for lawyers, showing a graph of student loan balances
  5. You review the completed forms and meet with the client to sign your representation agreement and file the bankruptcy petition.

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