Lexria Pay Stub Service

Our Pay Stub Service is seriously simple: your clients use your unique link to securely login to prior payroll providers. A few minutes later, you have a PDF of all the prior pay stubs you need in your work as an attorney.
  • Secure and customized: You’ll get a secure, unique link that’s quick and easy to share with your clients.
  • Comprehensive: We’ve got nearly all payroll providers covered. And if your clients can’t find their payroll provider in our system, we make it easy for them to upload their pay stubs.
  • Fast: In a matter of minutes your clients will have their pay stubs. No more hunting around for old documents.
Pay stubs app screenshot and a pay stub
If you're an attorney, it's totally free to get started with the Lexria Pay Stub Service!

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How to get started with the Pay Stub Service