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Student Loan Forgiveness
Lexria's Hub for Student Loan Forgiveness Resources
What Happens to My Credit After Bankruptcy?
The type of bankruptcy and your existing credit score can affect the outcome dramatically
How Do I Upload My Federal Student Loan Information?
Upload your federal student loan data and save yourself the hassle of entering them in manually
Student Loans
How do I get my private student loans from my credit report?
Get all your private loan data in a few simple steps
Student Loans
How Do I Get My Federal Student Loan Information?
Download your data in five easy steps
Why Does My Court District Matter?
When discharging student loans in bankruptcy, where you live and where you file can affect the outcome significantly
Discharge & Relief
What Is Total and Permanent Disability Discharge?
People who suffer from Total and Permanent disability are likely eligible for discharge of federal student loans
Student Loans
What Is the Statute of Limitations on My Student Loans?
It depends on the type of student loan and the state you live in
Where Should I File for Bankruptcy?
Where you file can have a big impact on the outcome
Higher Education
What Should I Do If My School Closes?
You may be eligible for student loan discharge and compensation
Discharge & Relief
What Is Public Service Loan Forgiveness?
PSLF allows people who have worked in certain jobs and paid their student loans for long enough to receive forgiveness on the remainder of their loans
Student Loans
What Is the Difference between Fixed-Rate and Variable-Rate Student Loans?
The two ways student loans charge interest and how to decide between them
Student Loans
Can I Cancel My Student Loans If I Got Them When I Was Under 18?
The defense of infancy protects minors from predatory financial arrangements
What Happens If the Loan I Cosigned for Goes into Default?
Three options to secure your financial future
What Is the Brunner Test?
The three questions courts use to determine if you're eligible for student loan debt relief
How Do US Federal Courts Work?
Which courts hear which cases, including bankruptcy
What District Court Am I In?
A map and list of the 12 US district courts by state