The student loan discharge process

Lexria helps people achieve a fresh start by connecting them with lawyers who have the tools and knowledge to reduce or eliminate their student loan debt. Our affiliated attorneys have agreed to follow a simple pricing model with our Fresh Start Guarantee. Obtaining a discharge can be broken down into 5 steps.

 Initial Assessment

You complete Lexria's initial assessment. This step helps us learn about you—your household, your income, your debts, your education, and any previous bankruptcies.

Lexria reviews your financial situation and determine whether you meet the criteria provided by our affiliate attorneys.

If your financial profile is similar to the profile of other individuals who have received student loan discharge, you'll move on to the next stage. If not, we'll provide helpful information about other options for student loan debt relief. Regardless of the outcome, please keep in mind that Lexria is not a law firm and is not making a legal determination on your case.

 Detailed Assessment

You will complete the detailed assessment. The detailed assessment asks more detailed versions of the questions from the initial assessment, plus a few additional questions.

Lexria will review the information you provide in the detailed assessment. If your information continues to match the criteria provided by our affiliate attorneys, you'll move on to the next step. If not, we'll provide helpful information about other options for student loan debt relief.

 Connect with Lawyer

Lexria will connect you with a lawyer in our network and brief the lawyer on your case characteristics.

You will meet with your lawyer. In this meeting, your lawyer will discuss the representation agreement, key aspects of the process, and the terms and conditions of the Fresh Start Guarantee.

After you review and sign the representation agreement, your lawyer will advise you on how to prioritize debt repayment, so that you can obtain immediate relief while your case is still pending.

 Begin Case

Your lawyer will prepare and file your case.

Student loan discharge is possible through an adversary proceeding, which is a type of lawsuit specific to a bankruptcy.

If you have an existing bankruptcy, the adversary proceeding your lawyer files will attach to the existing bankruptcy. Filing an adversary proceeding does not affect your credit score or reset the clock on anything related to your existing bankruptcy.

If you do not have an existing bankruptcy, your lawyer will file one. Then, your lawyer will file an adversary proceeding.

The adversary proceeding normally takes several months to conclude. During this period, your lawyer will keep you up to date on the case's progress and work on your behalf to negotiate a favorable settlement with your lender.

 Fresh Start

Your adversary proceeding will conclude in one of three ways. Either the court will discharge your student loan debt, your attorney will reach a favorable settlement with your lender, or the court will decline to eliminate your debt.

If you receive financial relief through discharge or settlement, you will continue making monthly payments to your lawyer until you reach 12% of the debt relieved.  Your lawyer will provide and explain the details of your payments based on how you obtain relief.

If you do not receive relief through a discharge or settlement and have met the terms and conditions of the Fresh Start Guarantee, Lexria will reimburse all payments that you made to your lawyer during the course of the Adversary Proceeding.

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