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Margaret the Unemployed Attorney
This former attorney discharged $220,000 of student loans in bankruptcy.
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Jennifer the Community College Health Worker
Jennifer, a community health worker, discharged $50,000 of student loans in bankruptcy.
Case Chronicles
Reset Button Is Now Lexria
New name, same mission: make financial justice accessible
How This Couple Paid off $50,000+ in Debt in Less Than 5 Years
Like many millennials, the Brownings amassed credit card debt without realizing how much. Here’s how they got serious about repayment — and became debt free in less than five years.
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How to Qualify and Apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Public Service Loan Forgiveness sounds simple, but qualification and eligibility are complicated. Here’s how to apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness — and ensure you’re accepted.
Student Loan Debt
6 Insider Tips from Lenders to Pay off Your Student Loans Faster
Lenders give us the inside scoop on how to pay off student loans faster.
Student Loan Debt
Should You Refinance Your Student Loans? 3 Borrowers Share Why They Did
Should you refinance student loans? Three borrowers tell us why they did and how it helped their finances.
Student Loan Debt
Considering Public Service Loan Forgiveness? Here’s What You Should Know Now
Less than 1% of applicants were approved in the first round of Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Here’s what a former student loan officer says you should know before you apply.
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4 Lawyers Tell Us What It’s Like to Live With Student Loan Debt
Average law school debt is around $200,000, while average starting salaries are just $72,000. Here’s how lawyers handle student loan debt.
Student Loan Debt
The Ease of Bankruptcy Surprised Her — What One Woman Learned from Filing at 28
Leigh Anne Ely says filing bankruptcy didn’t ruin her life. She tells us what it was like in this bankruptcy story.
3 Residents Tell Us What Medical School Debt Means for Their Future
Do you know how you’ll repay your medical school loans? Three residents tell us how they’re managing the debt and what you should know.
Student Loan Debt
Is That Graduate Degree Worth It? High Earners Talk Student Loan Debt
Is $100K in student loan debt worth it? High earners with graduate degrees tell us how the debt affects their lives.
Student Loan Debt
3 Borrowers Explain the Pros & Cons of Income-Driven Repayment for Student Loans
Income-driven repayment has pros and cons. We talked to three borrowers, who explain why they would — or wouldn’t — recommend the strategy to others.
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How They Paid off $30K in Debt and Saved $15K for Their Wedding — in 16 Months
Matt Miczulski pay off more than $31,000 in debt and saved for a wedding. Here’s how he found the motivation to become debt free.
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How We Paid off $78K in Debt in 23 Months on Average Incomes
When they got married, they had a combined debt of $78,000 and not a huge income. Here’s their inspiring debt payoff story.
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