Meet the Attorney: Michael J. Duggar

Published by Lexria Staff on 09/01/2020

Welcome to Meet the Attorney, a series profiling our network of partner attorneys across the country.

Michael J. Duggar is our partner attorney in Florida.

Michael J. Duggar began working in the bankruptcy field in 1998. He went solo in 2005 and has successfully handled cases in all divisions of the Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court, which includes Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Mr. Duggar also has working relationships and acts as field counsel for two Debt Settlement firms, as well as a Foreclosure Defense firm.

In 2012, Mr. Duggar began to develop a passion for student loan dischargeability cases. In one of his more recent student loan cases, Mr. Duggar submitted a thirty-one page brief on behalf of his client. As his clients will tell you, he is a passionate advocate for student loan debtors.

Michael J. Duggar strives to be “The remedy of last resort.”

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